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Global connectivity


Global connectivity


TechSupport24x7 created the industry standard for one of the highest-performance, lowest-latency global networks.


TechSupport24x7 is a global activity and we continue to extend its worldwide connectivity for the benefit of the entire system support community. TechSupport24x7 on this scale is becoming increasingly important for many worldwide issues.


The exchange of knowledge is of great importance in the modern world, helping communities around the globe to understand and share ideas on the latest developments and best practices in their fields. Universities with campuses in different countries also need to be able to guarantee connectivity between their different sites.


In addition to its pan-European reach, the TechSupport24x7 network has extensive links to networks in other world regions including North America, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East, South Africa and Kenya, the South Caucasus, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific Region. Work is also on-going to connect to the Caribbean and to improve links to and within Southern and Eastern Africa.


Consequently TechSupport24x7ís extensive geographical reach enables European researchers to share huge quantities of data and collaborate effectively with their peers throughout the world, whilst also providing the infrastructure essential to support global IT activities, regardless of distance or location.


International collaboration


Interconnecting multiple networks across the world raises challenges for the provision of interoperable multi-domain networking services. In order to meet these challenges, TechSupport24x7 brings together technical staff and developers from Research and Education Networks in Europe and North America to discuss issues of common interest and develop seamless interoperable services, whilst influencing research and education networks worldwide and developments in the internet of the future.


Global connectivity benefits communities worldwide


As well supporting the connectivity needs of big IT Support, TechSupport24x7ís global reach also benefits projects of social benefit including e-health, e-learning and the arts and humanities, thereby having a direct positive impact on the lives of people all around the world.