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Infrastructure & Technology


One of TechSupport 24x7’s biggest advantages to its clients is - that its super advanced, high-tech and has up-to-date infrastructure and technology.


Our contemporary working structure has been designed in such a way that it contains assimilated internet facilities and voice based support systems that meet with today’s international standards and methods.


TechSupport 24x7’s exclusive workspaces have been designed so distinctively that each client can avail of his/her own delegated segment of workspace or work area. This ensures the client’s data is secure and they can be assured of absolute privacy while working.


Key features –


  • Redundant & Scalable architecture.
  • In-house capacity for remote access to all and any client data and their applications.
  • Computers and equipment currently available for over 600 seats. State of art servers and Software.
  • 99.99% up time across all connectivity. 100% redundancy available across all networks.
  • Network hardware includes computer-telephony integration and call monitoring servers, Cisco switches and Diallers.




The biggest and the best BPO Companies in India

TechSupport 24x7 has the capability of becoming one of the finest call centre companies in India. It is a Tech Support company that determines immense potential for growth and expansion in the near future, in local as well as offshore markets. With rising demand, we expect to generate and develop new and additional workspaces and call centres within convenient distances. TechSupport 24x7 has the ability to rapidly expand its business process outsourcing services to the major metro cities in India.




TechSupport 24x7’s facility is situated on a site that measures enough to be called good facility.
This allocates a sufficient supply of space that can comfortably hold and support 2000 seats. This gives our call centres in India capacity of 6000 seats for three shifts.


TechSupport 24x7 also provides its clients with added benefits of high-tech security measures that include:


  • Up-to-date Alarm Systems.
  • Accessible and controllable CCTV cameras
  • Digital fire alarm systems.
  • 3 exit staircases.
  • Safety Escape Chute for a safe and quick evacuation in the case of emergency.
  • Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler system.


In-house Facilities
Key highlights:


  • Every BPO, call centre or customer care agent at TechSupport 24x7 has a designated 40 Sq. Ft. work area that has an energetic and attractive décor that creates a calm and encouraging environment to work out of.
  • Our call centre and office workspaces are Vastu compliant and Eco-friendly.
  • Adapted solutions for Business architecture.
  • 100% Power backup facility to ensure that precious time is not wasted.
  • Data, Voice, UPS & Raw electrical points available to each work station.
  • Highly advanced infrastructure available with all India Presence.