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Team Tech Support


All senior TechSupport 24x7 associates are top-notch professionals from world-renowned business schools and companies in the CRM Industry. They come with wealth of knowledge and great experience in the field of their expertise. TechSupport 24x7's senior staff members have grown with the Company and hence, TechSupport 24x7 is proud to be retaining its staff with various growth plans, both lateral and horizontal.


TechSupport 24x7 has been also promoting its Managers to attend trainings, seminars and conferences within and outside India, such that their enhanced knowledge and skills can be beneficial to both, the Manager and the Company. TechSupport 24x7 is proud of its human asset, which is the lifeline of any call center.


The TechSupport 24x7 team comprises of graduates and post-graduates, with experience level ranging from 6 months to 7 years in the client service/telephonic interaction industry.


TechSupport 24x7 centers are located in various parts of India, attracting global human resources. Hence, TechSupport 24x7 can recruit executives versed in regional languages. Recruitment Department already has a database of a strong 200,000 candidates from various regions of India, China, US, and Kenya.